The Dachshund Circus!!
Welcome to the homepage of the Dachshund Circus!! This group was started on Prodigy back in 1990 by Ann Pollay in California and Bill Whitaker in Florida. They posted daily of the funny "tails" and antics they shared with their doxies. Soon more people joined in, the Photo Exchange was started and by May '93 we numbered in excess of 150 members regularly posting and exchanging photos. This extended family expanded to other online services such as America On Line, Genie, Compuserve and, finally, the internet. The history of the DC!! has been one of caring and friendship. I hope these pages reflect that.

These pages have not been touched for a very long time. Some of these dachshunds have gone on to Rainbow Bridge but they remain in our hearts. Enjoy the photos and maybe one day, I'll have time to get back to this website.

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