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For the Love of Our Breed
by Jeff Blakeslee

Ask most pet owners why they care
and they answer "to meet the pet's need"
Ask a Dachshund owner the same question and they answer
"For the Love of our Breed"

How lucky we are to have them
to cuddle and cherish and feed
With unconditional love in return
just "For the Love of Our Breed"

Armando The Dachshund Circus was formed and agreed
to band together and
do what they could
all "For the Love of Our Breed"

Our Dachshund Circus family is
diverse from the shyest to those
willing to lead Everyone playing
an important part all "For the Love of Our Breed"

If ever we lose our focus per chance
with thoughts of greed.
Our Dachshund Circus family
rallies soley "For the Love of Our Breed"

And when it comes time to say
good-bye for whatever reason they need to be freed
We send them off to Rainbow Bridge Lovingly,
"For the Love of Our Breed"

The Many Faces of the Dachshund Circus!!

Moose Arroyo  (Christina's Deer Doxie)

The Arthurs   (Jane's Australian Long Dogs)

Taro Barcelona  (Mark's Senior Weiner)

Hudson Bell  (Steve's Cutie)

The Bischoff Babies and Jordan Too!  (Nancy's Pride and Joy)

Flash, Tucson, Spice, Riley and Theda Blakeslee  (Jeff and Shirley's Owners)

The Bragg Bunch  (Beth's Quartet of Delight!)

The Brantley Trio  (Bev and Danny's Beach Doxies)

The Brenton Brood   (Cindy's Whole Family)

The Boaz Crew  (Deb's International Gang)

Buddy, Baby and Boomer Cameron  (Judy's B's )

Wysiwyg Coldwell  (Trudy's Champ)

Molly Coleman  (Carol and Dennis' Molecular Bundle)

Dudley, Morty and DJ Combs  (Diane's 3 Sons!)

Ana, Whoodi Conley-Sherron with puppies  (Ronda's Loves)

The Coopers    (Jim and Margery's Large and Small doxies)

Cujo Cook  (Kathy's Cook's Famous "Duck Hunter")

Oscar Worf Cook  (Richard and Jean's Little Klingon Warrior)

Charlie and Snoopy Crawford  (Pam and Bobby's Dachshund Air Force)

The Deily Dogs of Kerrybrook  (Cathy's Irish and Doxies)

Groucho and Moxie Dulin  (Linda and Fred Dulin's Dachshund Duo)

The Durdens  (LaVonne's LaDox Crew)

The Eckard Clan  (Laura's Carousel Dachshunds)

Mugsy and Tanya Fuhrman  (Therese's Little Elves)

Beatrice Guyan  (Tracey's Little Helper)

Mitzi Gonzalez  (Vince's Little Angel)

Adam Halter   (Sam & Claire's Baby)

The Hamilton Girls, Phrankie and Brutus  (Renee's Beauties and Boys)

The Harlow Brothers  (Dianna's Dynamic Duo)

The Hart Zoo  (Carol's menagerie)

The Hedlands  (Reynold's Foursome)

Tommy and Nina Heiger   (Iris and Irving's Bed Bugs)

Gretchen, Sally and Dickens Henry  (Karen Henry's Threesome)

Mr. Phoxie Stubbs and Ida Red Roxie Hibma  (Harva's tandem)

The 3 M's, Momma, Margret and Midgie Kelsey  (Roni's Trio)

Phoebe Keith  (Jeff's Baby)

Mickey Kronk  (Jo Lynn's Sweetie)

The Kuddes Clan  (Kathy's Clan of Doxies)

Oliver and Digger Lasky  (Riki and Bob's Boys)

Duke Mader  (Bill's Squirrel Alarm)

Lady and Chips Maguire  (Janice and Dan's Dynamic Duo)

Armando and Candace Mak  (The Houdinis of Kitchener-Waterloo)

Tito, Stanley, Ollie and Max Manturi  (Jane's Boyz)

Dino McCartney  (Eloise's Delight)

Cherub McMullen  (Carolyn's Champ!)

Mickey Merideth  (Jan's Tweenie)

The Mitternight Dachsies  (Jere's Nacht Haus!)

The Nelson Pack  (Kay's Whippets and Weiners!)

Miss Daisy and Dinah Oriente  (Jan and Ernie's Double D's)

Kelly, Kyra and Kacy Payne  (Jean's Tiny Trio)

The Radtke Family  (Cathy's Clan)

The Roses  (Barbara's twosome)

Oscar Saxe  (Sheila and Phil's little guy)

PeeWee, Stubby and Rhett Scott  (April's Dachshund Delights!)

The Silks (Nancy's Wild Bunch)

The Sorrels  (Steve's Three Musketeers)

The Springer 6  (Cathy's Hundful)

Gracie Smith, Queen of the Weinies  (Julz's Royal Dachshund)

Fred and Ginger Stemnock  (Jerry and Kathy's Dancing Dachshunds)

Penny Stephens  (Barb's Biker Doxie)

Oscar and Mya Vacari  (Jae's Deli Weiners)

Boston Wang  (Mary's Little Shortstop!)

The Wonderful Weiners  (Wendi's Frankfurters!)

The Whitakers  (Bill's Dachshund Family)

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