Bow Wow

The first annual DC!! Bow-Wow was in Dallas in 1993. Without having personally met each other we had become a family that shares loves, happiness, sadness, laughs, and tears. Everyone was and is welcomed with "open paws". We have members with dogs of other breeds, AKA Honorary Doxies (HD's), another breed sharing a doxie household, AKA Doxies in Training (DT's), dogs of the feline variety (like Sebastian Catbutt) became the first Reluctant Doxie (RD). We also have members with birds (Flying Doxies; FD's), members with rats, gerbils or hamsters (Very Reluctant Doxies; VRD's), and members with no pets at all. At some point we decided that DC!! is really a state of mind!

Since the first National Bow-Wow, we've had one annually thereafter. In 1994 it was in St. Louis, in 1995 it was in Louisville (at that time we decided to hold it in conjunction with the annual Dachshund Club of America Show), and in 1996 it was in New Orleans.

Bow Wow Photos
1993 Bow Wow, Dallas, Texas

1994 Bow Wow, St. Louis, Missouri

1995 Bow Wow, Louisville, Kentucky

1996 Bow Wow, New Orleans, Louisiana

1997 Bow Wow, Macon, Georgia

1998 Bow Wow, Dallas, Texas

1999 Bow Wow, Frederick, Maryland

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