1998 Bow Wow

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The 1997 Bow Wow was held in Dallas, Texas in May and coincided with the annual DCA specialty. Organized by Pam Finn and Jane Manturi, this year's annual dachsie fest was short but memorable. Who will forget Lyric being taught to smoke and drink margaritas the night before she went into the ring? Who will forget Renee and Kathy driving from Minnesota to Dallas with 7 dachshunds?!!?? As for the last photo on this page...what won't these darlings do for a bronze?????? It might have been hot as Hades outside but the warmth inside was just the right temperature for this group of dachshund loving people. Frederick, MD...watch out...here we come in 1999!!

1998 Bow Wow Gang  1998 Bow Wow Mr. Stubbs Lyric being corrupted!!! Bob and Jean Kathy and Cujo Kathy and the roundup! Kathy and the rest of the gang Renee and the gang Caroline Lyric Karen with Gretchen and Dickens Nancy and Lyric 1998 Bow Wow Cujo!! Jane and Pam Renee--YIKES! Nancy and Lyric Renee and Kathy with the pack Angels Jane and Denise Denise and Kathy and Renee

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