Charlie,Snoopy and Petie Crawford

Charlie and SnoopyCharlie (black & tan) Rainbow Bridge and Snoopy, aka The Red Baron. These two have been known to perform nightly air drops to the poor little dachshunds who are on diets. They just can't stand a dachshund in distress!

Snoopy and Charlie

Charlie and Snoopy with Mr. Sunbeam!!

No doubt they're resting up before getting some flight time in.


Charlie loves the desert weather!


Snoopy's looking for Mommy!

Pamey, Snoopy and Charlie

Found her!!


Nothing like Doxie kisses to cool down on a hot day!

Petie, Charlie and SnoopyPetie joins the flight crew!

PetiePetie, the navigator.

Bobby and the air hunds
Bobby and the air hunds. Notice that the hunds get most of the couch!

Two doxies and a BobbyBut...sometimes Bobby wins!


"Excuse me but this IS my pillow!!"


"I'm just tasting what the air tastes like."

Coming and Going

"Hey, that guy looked familiar."

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