The LaDox Crew

Ch. Robleda's Julio (or just Adam!) born on March 27, 1996.
Don't let this photo fool you. Behind the serious look of a champion is a fun-loving dachshund who loves to jump on waterbeds and smiles at you before planting kisses on your face. Here he poses with handler Tim Callison (who LaVonne thanks!!) and judge, Mrs. Judy Webb.


Ama was born on April 1, 1994.

She is Jann's soulmate. Her special talent is removing the straw from your drink and peeling off the lid so that she can "share" your drink. She also likes to press her nose on a window and make faces. What a gal!


Kati (Ch. Dilas' Night Star, MS)rainbow bridge 1/31/92 to 11/4/98
LaVonne's soulmate and shadow. Everyday she is missed and will forever be in the hearts of those she touched. Elegance was her other name and it showed in her beloved ring.

She was also a rare dachshund who loved to float in the pool!



This little fellow was a RESCUE and has overcome skin and and allergy problems. He has been placed in a loving home. Yay Bailey!!

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