Mickey Kronk

Mickey"Am I not perfect?"

Mickey "Please, Mama? Puhhhhleeeeese?"


Mickey and his brass bed.

Mickey Mickey and his beloved "Ratty".

"Now listen here, I'm the boss!"

Mickey Our baby. Rainbow Bridge
An inspiration for all who fight the good fight.
by Jeff Blakeslee
Although it doesn't help much
all the words create a drone
Please find solace in the fact
that you are not alone

When you lose a little friend
your world comes crashing down
But memories soon bring a smile
to replace the tears and frown

How lucky he was to have you
to care for all his needs
How lucky you were to have him
to enjoy his acts and deeds

Think how happy Mickey is now
just beyond the ridge
Hale and hearty, waiting for you
at a place called Rainbow Bridge

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