written by Diane Combs

My friend, Morton Cahn (I named my Morty after him) isn't part of our Dachshund Circus family. However, I feel like he is indirectly because of his love for doxies. I wanted to show everyone these pictures of his 2 dogs from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Dachshund Rescue group, named after the nicknames of 2 deceased friends of his.

Gypper Gypper, black & tan, was first. Morton got him from the rescue group at the age of 3. Gyp was (and is) such a sweet, loving dog that Mort went back a few months later and got his second one.

Goat Goat, red, was 5 years old at the time and came with a lot of emotional baggage. He had panic attacks triggered by just about anything that moved and was expressing this by biting strangers (including me). This came as a big surprise to the head of Dachshund Rescue because he never had bitten anyone while in their care and would not have been put up for adoption if that had been the case. We figured that Morton may have been the first person to have ever provided a good loving home for Goat, and he was just trying to protect his new dad.

Those first several months were very trying times for both Mort & Goat, but after some heavy duty training, some behavior modification tips from Dachshund Rescue, some suggestions from our own DC members, and a lot of patience & love on Mort's part, Goat has come around to being a secure, gentle, and happy dog. He and Gypper even get to work with their dad every day.

This is not Mort's first experience with doxies, but it is his first experience with rescued doxies. I think he summed it up very well when he said to me, "It's sure different from raising them from puppies, but I tell you one thing..I've never felt more loved in my life."

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