The Radtke Family

radtkeMagic (red collar), CJ in the middle, and Midnight, resting on her buddy. Who needs pillows when you've got friends!
radtkeGinger window gazing.

Oh...the sights you must be seeing out that window at Rainbow Bridge. Give our love to our Main Man. We miss you all.

radtkeMidnight, Ginger and Magic (in the red collar)
radtkeOnyx rainbow, CJ and Magic
radtkeGinger and Magic, the blanket gophers!
radtkeCJ: "Can you come out and play?"
radtkeCJ's younger days (being a puppy is hard work!)
radtkeCJ and Midnight ("Shucks Mom, What'cha doin' to us?!")
CJ, Our Main Man will always be playing in our hearts and in our memory. We'll miss you.
radtkeRusty, a future Leader Dog (He graduated and is now a full-fledged Leader Dog. We're so proud of him!)

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