Silkwind Dachshunds (The Wild Bunch)

Proudly owned and described by Nancy Silk and her husband Bruce.


Ch. Wagsmore From This Day F'Ward Who said the big guys finish last?? This handsome boy rapidly finished his championship with many sparkling specialty wins.


Silkwind GoldDust of ShoTyme One more point to be crowned! He loves to command the ring and dares the judge to deny him.

Willow's Puppies Willy's puppies:
b. 1/2/2000. "Minnie Pearl", "Jimmy", and "Franky." All keepers and future champions.

Jimmy and Franky Jimmy and Franky:
Two of the "Chubs" litter out of "Willy." Big boys with sweet attitudes. They are always looking for 'adventure.'


Ch Sioux's April Foolish ML, b. 1 Apr '91 (Sire: Ch.Moonglo Country Magician ML. Dam: Ch. Sioux's Calliope). The pampered lady of the house who can always be found under the covers of the bed.

Johnny  Johnny:
Ch. Graedon Morning Light, b. 5 Nov 96. (Sire: Aust. Ch. Sandwells Golden Morning, Dam: Aust. Ch. Graedon Dragon Fantasy)

Johnny is the happy one - as long as he's at home with mom. He's the new papa here, producing beautiful puppies.

Willow Willy:
Silkwind's Song of Willow ML
b. 15 April 1998 (Sire and dam above)

Willy is soft, gentle and sweet but enjoys snacking on wallpaper and books. How can one get mad at THIS face?!!

Abbey Abbey:
Silkwind's Free Spirit
b. 26 May 1998

(Sire is Johnny and Dam is Tiffany's Melody of Luv.)
Aptly named, she's a tomboy and sassy but just so very irresistible!

DAPPY Dappy:
Mini Barkers Dappy MW, b. 16 Dec 89 "Dappy" (Sire: Ch. Sandars War Chief Neydach MW, Dam: Cindy Ke's Bedazzle Sue MW)

My quicker-picker-upper! He retrieves everything dropped on the floor- except food.

KEDGE Kedge:
Friedox Scuttle Butt MW, b. 17 Jun 86 "Kedge" (Sire: Ch. Drakesleat So To Speak, Dam: Ch. Libera Manors Cara V Friedox)

Senior in residence and rules with the golden tooth.

Briny: Rainbow Bridge
Welwyn Bonny Bryann MW, b. 14 Feb 85 "Briny" (Sire: Ch Dhak Mac Dhu A'Welwyn MS, Dam: Ch. Welwyn Bonny Bryer)

My special love and soul mate, now waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge,

She loved every living creature.

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