Nina, Frank and Oscar Springer

Nina, Frank and OscarNina Ballerina,
Frank Furter and Oscar Mayer the Weiner Dog are quite the hundful!

Nina is convinced that dog beds are only fit for sleeping in after they've been turned upside down. Frank is a star "singer" and Oscar is the resident "Food Devil" as he vacuums up food. Of course, all three think that Cathy goes to the drive-up window at the bank just to get dog bones for them! Well, what else could it be for? Sheeeesh!

5 SpringersLeft to right- Nina, Oscar, Cinnamon Toast, Sabrett and Frank (the hoooman is Cathy!)

Brittany Springer

Brittany at 6 weeks (She's a D.I.T. or Dachshund in Training!!)

The Stupendous 6
The Stupendous 6

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